Private Massage Workshops in Los Gatos


Couples Massage Workshop for Pregnancy

In this Private Massage Workshop in Los Gatos, partners learn techniques to safely aid in the discomforts associated with pregnancy. Many of the techniques taught in this workshop translate well into Labor Support. 45 minutes Lecture and Demonstration, A review of the Pregnant Anatomy, Safety Precautions, Proper Draping & Positioning for comfort and safety. Basic Massage Strokes and Technique.  30 minutes Hands On Practice with Dad/Partner on the table. The best way to learn massage is to receive massage.  Focus on Head, Neck & Shoulders for stress reduction and lymphatic drainage technique. 75 minutes Hands-On Practice Full Body Massage.  Partners learn the difference between pitting edema and non-pitting edema caused by water retention. Techniques for safely releasing hip tension and pain reduction for hips, lower back and legs; Stress and pain reduction for upper back, shoulders, neck and head. Partners learn how to use these techniques to aid in labor support. 2.5 hours.   $220 

Couples Massage Workshop for Self-Care

The Mommy Spa in Los Gatos offers this unique 2.5 hour private workshop where partners learn therapeutic massage techniques to address their individual needs; a terrific way to build a nurturing, healthy relationship. For injury or surgical recovery a 15 minute phone consultation, at least 24 hours prior to class, is required to design the workshop to best meet your personal needs.    $220 

Infant Massage Workshop

 Parents/Caregivers learn techniques of nurturing touch. Learn about the health benefits of massage and how it can help create a life-long bond with your child. Concepts of Kangaroo Care, Mommy Spa Soothers and more are covered in this private workshop.  30 minutes.   (For groups - please call for information)   $60

Schedule any couples workshops online. Call for infant Massage Workshop (408) 506-4024